It’s Cheesesteak Week at PHL Airport!

Cheesesteak Week

POV: You’ve just come through TSA and suddenly you’re spellbound by the smells of happiness in a sandwich. Passengers and employees alike fill the terminals with smiling faces. You quickly realize that it must be none other than Philadelphia’s favorite food because what else could bring that amount of joy? CHEESESTEAKS

Well, here at PHL we take National Cheesesteak Day and turn it into an entire week of deliciousness! From March 18th to March 22nd, we’re head over heels for cheesesteaks. Various restaurants across the airport are offering your favorite original cheesesteak as well as cheesesteak-inspired menu items for the week and guess what? It’ll taste even better when paired with a Pepsi®.

Don’t worry about making it to your gate in time, because you can find a cheesesteak in every terminal of the airport. Whether you prefer yours wit or wit out, we’ve got you covered. Serving up classics at Geno’s Steaks, Tony Lukes, or Jim’s to unique items like Chickie’s & Pete’s Cheesesteak eggrolls or Cheesesteak Rivets from Philly Pretzel Factory, you’ll fall captive to Philadelphia’s iconic sandwich.

You’ll want to join us on Friday, March 22nd for the big finale where select restaurants come together to sample their favorite cheesesteak items, in addition, you can enjoy free samples from Pepsi®, plus music and giveaways. To find out more about cheesesteak week, click here.