Happy National Pretzel Day!

National Pretzel Day

Did you know that Philadelphians consume about 12 times as many pretzels as the national average?

Not only are we the city of cheesesteaks and water “wooder” ice, but pretzels hold an equal place in the city’s heart. In fact, pretzels made their way from Italy, Austria, and Germany and appeared in the states with those known as the Pennsylvania Dutch. By 1861 Julius Sturgis opened the first pretzel bakery a few miles west of Philadelphia, in Lancaster County. Naturally, this delicious treat migrated through towns and pretzel cart vendors began to pop up over the city.

National Pretzel Day was marked as an official holiday by a former PA Governor in 2003. Today, Pennsylvania is home to 80% of the nation’s pretzel supply and production. They’re perfect to be enjoyed any time of day from breakfast and lunch to midday snacks, and even as sandwiches. At PHL, you can find Philadelphia’s favorite twisted, warm, salty snack at Philly Pretzel Factory in Terminal F, Auntie Anne’s in Terminal B and Terminal D, and Yummy Pretzel Cart in Terminal E and Terminal A-East.


Celebrate National Pretzel Day, Friday, April 26, with us at PHL with the following discounts:

  • Philly Pretzel Factory (Terminal F): 15% off for airport employees and travelers on National Pretzel Day (Friday, April 26th). Just mention National Pretzel Day when you order!
  • Auntie Anne’s (Terminals B & D): Do you have the Auntie Anne’s app? Then you’re eligible for a free salt or cinnamon pretzel on National Pretzel Day! (Friday, April 26th)
  • OrderAtPHL: Use code Twist24 on Friday, April 26 for $3 off Philly Pretzel Factory & Auntie Anne’s.