PHL Food & Shops joins PHL at Earth Day 2024

Earth Day

PHL Food & Shops is dedicated to the efforts of PHL to become a greener airport. This year we participated in their annual Earth Day celebration by providing information about our contributions and giveaways!

For the past few years, we have contributed to sustainability initiatives in various capacities. Check out the statistics below for 2023:

  • Recycled: 306 tons of cardboard, glass, aluminum, plastic, and clean paper
  • Diverted: 7.2% of its waste from landfills to recycling facilities
  • Generated: $238,322 in recycling rebates and disposal cost savings.
  • Fryer Oil: Working with Waste Oil Recyclers, more than 22500 gallons of fryer oil are collected and converted to more than 14,000 gallons of biodiesel
  • Electronic Waste: Recycling stores’ e-waste, estimated at 1,250 pounds per year
  • Single Stream Recycling: All recyclable items are “commingled”. The commingled recyclables are then sorted and processed for recycling by the hauler. Single-stream recycling is utilized in food courts and all retail and food & beverage locations throughout the airport.
  • Metal Waste: Recycles assorted metal waste estimated at 7,000 pounds per year.


Click here to learn more about how PHL Food and Shops puts sustainability at the core of our operations.